Why introduce school house systems?

  • To inculcate essence of competition among the students.
  • To think independently to accomplish a task.
  • To work together in a group to develop the sense of coordination and tolerance.
  • To acquire and equip with knowledge and skill for better performance in life.
  • To develop a positive thinking among the young minds.
  • To keep physically fit and mentally alert while participating in CCA & physical activities.

Description of Houses

Lotus House:-

Lotus is known to be associated with purity, prosperity, and faithfulness. The sense of purity arises from the flowers growing habit of rooting in mud and pushing up through the water to bloom. Therefore, this inspires the young minds for there spontaeneu=ous growth despite the adversities.


Rose House:-

The symbolism of rose color is steeped in tradition. Roses inspired people over thousands of years to develop a language of color. Rose is a symbol of very powerful ekements. The beauty of rose expresses pormise, new begginings, hope. Rose is also considered symbol of balance. So Rose House is associated with Red Color which represents achievements and performance.



Marigold House:-

The marigold is likewise associated with the sun-being vibrant yellow and gold in colour. Also Called as the “herb of the sun”, it is symbolic of passionand creativity. Thus, we too aim at building positive and creative minds.



Pansy House:-

The name pansy was imported into late middle English as a name of viola, a the flower was regarded as a symbol of remembrance. The flower signifies loving thoughts, remebrance and free thinkers. Thus, with this significance, we teach our students to remember the saying in the past and look ahead with a positive thought.


S. No.Name of the HouseFlag ColourName of the TeachersCaptainVice Captain
1Pansy HouseYellow1.Mrs. Sonia Kapoor (House Master)
2.Mrs. Jyoti Sharma (Asit. House Master)
3.Mrs. Anju Bala
4.Mrs Shashi Bala
Miss ShivangiMiss Manya
2Marigold HouseOrange
1.Mrs. Neelam Gandotra (House Master)
2.Mrs. Anita Wazir (Asit. House Master)
3.Mrs. Vandana Katoch
4.Mrs. Indu Gupta
Master VishantMiss Shruti Charak
3Lotus HousePink1.Mrs. Victory Arora (House Master)
2.Mrs. Priya Wadhera (Asit. House Master)
3. Mrs. Neha Gupta
4.Mrs. Seema Sharma
Miss Palak Master Aniket Gupta
4Rose HouseRed1.Mr. Rakesh (House Master)
2.Mrs. Anju Tondon (Asit. House Master)
3.Mrs. Rita
4.Mrs. Anubhuti Sharma
Miss ShalluMiss Parul Gupta

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